Here at Hamill Creek Timber Homes, we pride ourselves on our customer relations. It is always such an honour and privilege to bring our clients dreams to reality. Here are a few thoughts and words that we received from our clients.

Homebuilder Rick

June 27, 2023

“Hello Dwight, Just wanted to mention that Joe’s house is going together nicely, I am very impressed on how things fit perfectly. I also wanted to mention that if you have a need for other houses to be built in this part of the country, we are very interested”

Homeowner James and Family – “Customized Wichita Ridge Design”

So very grateful for everyone’s professionalism and courteous demeanors during the build you are all second to none in this industry and the compliments I receive about the place are a Direct tribute to those attributes of you all.  Thank you all for making our family dream come to fruition. 

Homeowner Max

October 19, 2022

“Hello Hamill Creek Timber Homes, I want to give you an update of our progress and thank you for a great product. The delivery was smooth and arrived in good shape. The frame is up and went together well. Thanks for all your work and expertise with this project. It has been good to work with you. All my best, Max”

Homeowners Luana & Bill

May 12, 2022

“Hi Dwight!  I just wanted to thank you for your help with our timber frame home.  The frame is going up great.  The pieces fit together like a glove!  So wonderful!  It is thrilling to watch it grow!  We are so happy with it!”

Homeowners Dino and Maria in Australia

January 26, 2021

“To Dwight, Lubo, and all of the team at Hamill Creek Timber Homes – a  big, big THANK YOU for making all of this a reality – let me tell you that everything was packed brilliantly, arrived intact, and came together perfectly, and the fit was down to the 1mm – we didn’t have to pull out a chisel, saw, or anything to make it all come together.”

Homeowner Kathy Moore

March 12, 2001

To Whom It May Concern:

While Hamill Creek Timber Homes work speaks most eloquently for itself, I thought I’d add a few words of praise as well.  Hamill Creek designed and built a gorgeous home for us in Rossland, BC.  Dwight Smith and his entire organization were a pleasure with which to work, from start to finish.  They were extremely knowledgeable, professional and delightful.  From our initial meeting with Dwight, through the entire design process with the very talented designer, to the actual house-raising process with the whole gang of craftsmen, and throughout all the finishing details, Dwight and his crew were superb.

Dwight always delivered on his promises to us.  He did everything he said he would and more – on time and on budget!  His service and craftsmanship far exceeded our expectations.  After Hamill Creek set the standard of quality workmanship so high, all the other trades people who worked on our home also did fantastic work.  The house is truly a work of art.

As I imagine most people who set out to build a fine quality home to be, we were demanding clients.  If we ever drove them to the brink of distraction, we never knew it.  Dwight and the design team were unfailingly patient, polite and prompt in all their dealings with our endless questions and requests.

If you are reading this rave review, I can only hope that you are serious about engaging the services of Hamill Creek Timber Homes, believe me, it will be the best decision you could possibly make to facilitate turning your dreams into the home of your dreams.

Best of luck with your home or project. 

Kathy Moore

Homeowner Marco Paolella

“The key to our home was the people we brought into our lives to construct it.  When we think about the people we brought in, it was like bringing them into our own personal history.”

Who worked with close friend and architect Bryce Rosich to design the home, and new found friend Dwight Smith, of Hamill Creek Timber Homes, to construct it.

Homeowners Sean and Bev.

March 8, 2000


The stairs are beautiful as expected.  After watching Keith in action and admiring his attention to detail, we were inspired to be just a little more precise with all of the remaining trim work.  We finished it just a few days ago and you (and I’m sure Keith) will be happy to hear that we haven’t taken away from your craftsmanship.

Well, our dream of a timber frame is finally over…we are now officially finished the house (if you can ever actually be finished).

Thanks for everything.  It was a great experience working with you and all of the crew at Hamill Creek.  We can’t say enough about the house and still find ourselves staring at the beautiful timbers and joinery details.

If you are ever looking for a reference in the future, send them our way.  We love sharing our home and experiences with anyone considering building a timber frame and will always give you a strong recommendation.

Looking forward to seeing you and the crew at your raising in Rossland later this year.

Take care,

Sean & Bev.

Homeowner Steve Clark

Hi Dwight,

I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased Vi and I are about the first week of Timber Frame construction.  Your crew is very pleasant and professional.  We feel very welcome on site and all go out of their way to include us in what is going on.

Also, I am very impressed with their diligence with safety.  As you know, I work in the energy industry where safety is sacred.  Your crew demonstrates the same priority.  The whole raising process has brought street pedestrian traffic to a standstill, as everyone is amazed at what is going on.  All comments have been unqualified and positive.  In fact, people are stopping by to take photographs all the time.

Many thanks and best regards,

Steve Clark

Homeowners Susan and Charles

Hi Dwight,

You are absolutely right – this home is fantastic!  Interestingly, even though the combined square footage was about 3900, it seems perfect for two, with ample opportunities for privacy for guests in the basement.  It is spacious, open, and just feels good.

We would be happy to see you and your wife and think you will be proud of the house. Wallis Construction was a tremendous asset and we doubt that most local builders would have been able to finish it this beautifully.  We would be happy to show your prospective clients around the house.

Thanks for your effort, which has translated into an unbelievably beautiful and wonderful home.

Susan and Charles

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