Timber Frame Construction Process

Building a Timber Frame House: Turning Your Dream Into a Reality

Hamill Creek has a proud tradition of designing and crafting timber homes. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you at each stage of your timber frame construction project. Our goal is to ensure that your experience is positive, efficient, and informative.

Timber Frame Construction Details: Starting from the Beginning

Building a timber frame house begins with the acquisition of land. Once you have determined where your dream home is to be located, you are ready to begin the design process. For any timber frame design, understanding the dynamics of the location is essential to ensure that the timber frame construction plan takes into account a number of variables including infrastructure location, sun path, and viewpoints.

Choosing the Right Timber Frame Design

When working with Hamill Creek, there are two paths you can take in your design process:

Let Hamill Creek Handle the Timber Frame Construction Details & Design

Hamill Creek has a team of professional timber frame designers ready to assist you in preparing your plans for construction. Your designer will work directly with you throughout the design process to ensure that the final plans meet your needs and fit your budget. Our designers understand the dynamics of timber frame construction and help you create a unique timber frame design that maximizes the value of your estimated turn-key cost.

Our floor plans section contains a number of timber frame designs ranging from 500 square feet to 10,000 square feet and can be used as a starting point in the design process. Once you have determined that Hamill Creek will design your home, we will enter into a Design Development Contract, which includes the development of full Architectural & Permit Drawings, as well as a detailed quote of all requested materials. For more information on the design process, please visit the Design Development page.

By utilizing your own architectural firm, you can generate complete drawings ready for submission to our team for quoting. It is not necessary for the architect to be an expert in timber frame design, although it is helpful if we are involved at the early stages of design. Once you have detailed floor plans, we will determine the cost of a timber frame or full enclosure package by creating a 3D timber frame building model. This process will determine the total cost of your timber frame building.

Efficient Timber Frame Production

Here at Hamill Creek’s production facility, our team members take great pride in efficiency and quality. Once the timber frame design process is complete and signed-off, we will begin the crafting of your timber frames. We estimate that production will take between 4-6 weeks. During this time, the general contractor can work to obtain permits and prepare the site for the arrival of the timber frame.

Timber Frame Construction and Raising

Upon completion, all timber frame joinery is test fit and then broken down for shipping. Once the materials and the team of installers arrive on site, the raising of your timber frame home can be completed in 5-10 days depending on size and complexity. An insulated wall system and roof enclosure can be completed in as little as 2 weeks.

To ensure efficiency during your timber frame construction, we coordinate with your general contractor to make certain that the foundation is ready and the crane is scheduled.

Project Management

Hamill Creek coordinates with you and/or the general contractor you have selected throughout the development and timber frame construction phases. Our job does not end at installation because we are available to provide a number of additional materials to your project, as well as consultation throughout. See Products for details.

We are experienced and open to assisting you in your search for a general contractor in the event that you do not have one. In some cases, we are able to recommend a trusted builder to work with you on your project; in other cases, we are available to screen builders to ensure that you have a reputable and experienced partner to assist in the construction of your project.

If you have any additional questions about the process of building a Hamill Creek Timber Home, please contact us and a member of our team will get in touch with you promptly.

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