Hybrid Timber Frame Homes

Hamill Creek specializes in combining handcrafted timbers with conventional building methods to create unique hybrid timber frame homes. Our homes can be described as the optimal mix of authentic timber frame and conventional building- which utilizes the timbers in the most efficient way. In areas which require dimensional strength, the timber components are designed and engineered to provide the highest structural integrity. In other areas timber framing may be either structural or decorative, depending upon the architectural appeal or engineering requirements.

What is a Hybrid Timber Frame Home?

These homes combine timber frame elements with other methods of building in its construction. Other building methods may include stick frame, log, brick & concrete block, poured cement, metal frame, adobe, straw bale, and others.

Key timber frame features can be incorporated into a conventional home design to obtain the desired look & feel that timber frame homes offer. One of the many benefits of a hybrid home is a reduction in construction costs, while still providing the appearance of a timber frame home. A hybrid structure can use timber frame in central areas, such as a great room, foyer, kitchen or dining room, while rooms that are not as public in the house, such as bathrooms & utility rooms, can use less expensive construction methods. These details provide the perfect accents to a home while staying within budget. Advantages to building a hybrid home include:

Hybrid Timber Frames and Full Timber Frames

A hybrid timber frame may use 2×6 wall framing as opposed to the large posts and beams utilized in full timber frame homes. As both structures have advantages, it truly comes down to the client’s vision. One quality that a full timber frame possesses is continuity throughout the home. As all rooms within the house will show exposed timber and include posts and beams, the architectural flow of this home is consistent. This may be the deciding factor, as for some it is important that their entire house ties together, and be true of form. For others, the juxtaposition created by the timber frame and the other building methods is desired. Having timber frame solely in certain areas will showcase these areas.

Hybrid Timber Frame Home Plans

When building a timber frame hybrid, there are many avenues of approach. Timber frame rafters could be in adjoining areas such as the kitchen and dining rooms or in the great room and foyer. Such a home could be an entire timber frame roof system or limited to exterior gable trusses.  Hamill Creek Timber Homes can custom design a complete hybrid plan for you, modify one of our existing plans into a hybrid home, or design timber frame accents for the conventional home plans you may already have.

Hamill Creek Timber Homes supplies hybrid timber frame kits and packages that are customizable to our client’s needs.  A kit can include all the materials required to build a hybrid timber frame home and contain the elements that will make your home extraordinary.

We have featured many hybrid homes in our Portfolios, both Residential and Commercial. Follow the links to view them:

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