Meldman Hale Portfolio

We were pleased to be a part of yet another special project in the tropics, where all those involved had a deep appreciation for the craftsmanship that can go into a home. Laid out as a courtyard home, this 5 bedroom home was designed to meet the needs of a large family or discerning vacationer. The architecture of this home features hand hewn cedar timber trusses, creating awe inspiring spaces in the home, so the owners can enjoy magnificent views of the Hawaiian coast. An open timber frame lanai and a unique ox bow truss that carries the vaulted great room roof are some of the many features inspired by a fusion of both the Craftsman style and construction of the old Hawaiian canoes.

Designed by Mark de Reus in association with Hart Howerton Architects.

As with many other of our homes in Hawaii, the Meldman Hale is a design of balanced simplicity, joining both outdoor gardens with living spaces to create a sense of harmony. The steel straps that wrap the ox bow trusses interplay with the hand hewn timbers to achieve both structure and decoration.

Many of the distinguishing features of this beautiful home include:

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