Timber Frame Kits and Packages

Each Hamill Creek Timber Frame home kit is as unique as the home that it will become part of.  Our home kits are customized to include those services and materials that you require for your timber frame project.  A timber frame kit may consist of just a few outside decorative accents or contain all the materials and services needed to a completed a home that is ready for occupancy.  There are a number of standard kit and package terms that encompass much of what Hamill Creek Timber Homes supplies.  These include Custom Timber Frame Kits, Lock up Timber Frame Shell Kits, and Full Turnkey packages.

Custom Timber Frame Home Kits include the timbers that form the structure of the home or project.  This timber frame structure could be for a few exterior decorative braces or gable trusses, an outdoor gazebo, the timber portion of a hybrid home, or a complete timber frame home structure.  These timber frame kits typically include:

  • Timber frame design and structural engineering
  • Structural engineered drawings
  • The heavy timber pieces with prefabricated mortise and tenon joinery
  • Oak pegs for the joining of the timbers
  • All timber connecting hardware required
  • On site raising of the timber frame

A Lock Up Timber Frame Shell Kit usually includes the timber frame plus those materials that are needed to take the home to a lock-up stage of completion. This is a stage of home completion that allows the home to be securely locked against unauthorized access and protected against weather conditions.  These packages typically include:

  • All of the elements of a timber frame kit above plus:
  • Wall and Roof enclosures
  • Windows and exterior doors

A Turnkey package consists of all materials and services required to build a ready to move in timber frame home.  Hamill Creek Timber Homes offers General Construction and Project Management services that will take you home from design through to ready for occupancy.

Building with our Timber Frame Kits & Packages

With our timber frame house kits and packages comes all of our years of timber frame building knowledge and technical support.  Whether it is you, the home owner, acting as the builder, or your General Contractor managing your project, Hamill Creek Timber Homes is always available to lend support.  With a Hamill Creek Timber Homes package clients have the option of either requesting an installation supervisor to work with your local crew or can request to have a complete Hamill Creek Timber Homes installation crew sent to your site to install all of your custom Hamill Creek timber frame kit.

Finding the Right Timber Frame Additions for Your Home

Hamill Creek Timber Homes can design, craft and install a timber frame addition to any type of pre-existing home. It is possible to combine a timber frame addition with your post and beam, log, or traditional stick built home.  Below is an example of a log home in which Hamill Creek Timber Homes created a timber frame addition, complete with a natural form Japanese inspired Taiko beam, to expand the kitchen and dining area.

Timber frame accents and design elements

Just a little bit of timber framing can go a long way in making a conventionally built home, a stand out home.  Timber frame accent and design elements can be added to the interior and exterior of your home in the form of ceiling beams, roof braces, gable accent, rafter tails and more.  These accents will highlight the special areas of the home with architectural interest.

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