Small Timber Frame House Plans and Cabin Plans

Small Timber Frame Home Plans

Small timber frame homes, whether built in an urban location, a rural setting, or as a much loved holiday home also carry with them the ethical and environmental principals of living small.  These small homes simplify our lives, have less environmental impact, are generally more affordable to build and maintain, and free up time to pursue the things in life that  really matter.  These timber frames, structurally bearing on the exterior of the home, give the ability to craft the interior with cathedral ceilings and an open floor plan, which in turns gives a concept of greater space.  These small timber frame homes are ideal for those seeking a minimalist life style, small families, and retirees.

Our small timber frame homes and cabin plans can be just the home or cabin you are looking for, a starting place for planning your own home or cabin, or an inspiration for a custom design.

We also offer a wide variety of larger timber frame house plans to help design your perfect home.

Timber Frame Home Designs

Timber Frame cabins fulfill a desire to live a more simplified life closer to the natural world.  These timber frame cabins are usually built in wilderness places, resort areas, and beside lakes echoing the beauty of their environment.  Timber frame cabins with their framework of solid wood timbers connect strongly with the outdoors, and encompass the concept of simple living and pleasures. As with all timber frame structures, timber frame cabins are built to gracefully endure for generations, passing down through families, becoming traditional places for family gatherings, and places of cherished memories.

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