Custom Timber Frame Homes

Our talented team of in-house designers work with builders and architects on a variety of unique projects. Hamill Creek utilizes specific CAD software to design custom timber homes, compatible with all forms of design software. Whether you are crafting a plan from scratch or have a specific style and floor plan, our team of designers pride themselves on turning your dream into a reality. For more information please see our Design Development page.

Custom Timber Frame Homes vs. Custom Timber Log Homes

Custom timber log homes and custom timber frame homes are often grouped together, but there are many important differences. While both styles use exposed timbers on both the interior and the exterior of the building, timber frames provide more options for customization. Timber framing can combine the rustic feel which is so loved in log homes, with the ability for greater customization. For more information about the differences between timber frames and other custom timber homes, please visit the log home page, the post and beam page, and the hybrid page.

Meldman Hale pool & lani Hawaiian timber frame

How Can Timber Frame Homes Be Customized?

Timber frame homes have the flexibility of customization when it comes to floor plans because the timber frame structure allows for the opportunity to span large open spaces and create large window walls that bathe the interior with gorgeous natural light.

Top 7 Benefits of Custom Timber Frames

  1. Customization and Design Flexibility: Timber frame construction allows to any variation of floor plan, from cozy rooms to large and open vaulted spaces. The unique wall structure allows for strategic window placement based on the location of your custom timber home, allowing for the maximization of natural light. The use of drywall between the timbers creates contrast with the timbers and allows for hanging decorations and colour flexibility.
  2. Energy Efficiency and Eco-Friendliness: We offer several options on enclosing and wrapping the exterior of our timber frame homes with a choice of super insulated wall and roof systems that gives the opportunity the build the most energy efficient custom timber log homes on the market today. Hamill Creek provides the option of using both Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs), which is a foam-filled wall, as well as a more conventional cavity-filled 2×6 wall system and/or a combination of a built up vented roof system using rigid foam insulation that achieves super high R-values and minimizes heat transfer. For information about how Hamill Creek supports sustainable forestry, click here.
  3. Healthy Living Environment: The combination of SIPs and large timbers prevents air flow from the exterior to the interior, which reduces the amount of allergens, insects and moisture in the
  4. Heritage: Timber frame homes and buildings have been built all over the world, from the Middle East, to Europe, to Asia, and still stand today.
  5. Cost-Effective and Low-Maintenance: The energy-efficiency of custom timber frames results in the reduction of power bills for heating and cooling. The siding of timber frame homes requires less maintenance than other styles.
  6. Durability: the use of strong timbers combined with the unique mortise and tenon joints create structures that have withstood fallen tree limbs, earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis and even fires. Timber frame homes have less wood shrinking and expansion than other wooden homes.
  7. Craftsmanship: thousands of years of timber framing has made timber framing become not just a practical way to build, but an art form. Custom timber homes are not only sturdy, but they are beautiful. The building of timber frames requires skill and attention to detail, because they are not just constructed with pieces of wood and a hammer. They are crafted with a detailed plan in mind to create the perfect result.

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