Timber Frame Cost

At Hamill Creek Timber Homes, our kits and packages cost between $40 per square foot to $500 per square foot ranging between a basic timber frame kit to a complete turnkey timber frame home. We are capable of accommodating a large range of budgets for whatever project you may be imagining. The costs of a Timber frame home are dependent on a variety of factors including design, species of wood, location, and labour costs in your area. Your timber frame costs can be greatly affected by both design and your choice of finishes. We encourage all our customers to work with us throughout the design process, thereby allowing us to ensure their timber frame home costs are within their budget.

Some of the factors which will affect how much your timber frame home costs are as follows:

  • The location and site conditions
  • The size of the home
  • The complexity of the timber frame design
  • Outside living areas such as decks, covered decks and garages.
  • The quality and choice of finishing materials such as window, doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fittings, fireplaces, plumbing and electrical fixtures, floor and wall finishes, and roofing.
  • The cost of labor and sub trades in your area
  • Building regulations in your building area

Competitive Cost of a Timber Frame Home

Choosing a timber frame company to help bring your dreams of a timber frame to reality requires both finding a company with whom you feel comfortable and with whom you are assured of getting the best value for the cost of your timber frame home. Hamill Creek Timber Homes has been in business for twenty five years and our team has both the knowledge and experience to insure our clients get the best costing for your timber frame home, while maintaining your vision and quality of your home. Through our innovative designing we can help reduce the cost of your timber frame home.

Timber Frame Homes Pricing Options

There are three main options when choosing your timber frame home package.

  • The Custom Timber Frame Kit
  • The Lock up Shell Kit
  • Full Turnkey Package

Budget, style, location and time frame are all factors in your decision on which timber frame home kit or package to choose.

For more information on about the various kits and packages please click here.

Custom Timber Frame Kit $40 – $50 a square foot

The basic package is called the custom timber frame kit which includes all of the timbers for your timber frame home. . The Custom Timber Frame Kit includes the following:

The Lock Up Shell Kit – starting at $150.00 a square foot

The Lock up Shell Kit consists of the frame along with the ceiling, walls, roof system, doors and windows.

The Lock – up Shell Kit includes the following:

Note: The Lock up Shell Kit does not include excavation and foundation

Full Turnkey Package – starting at $300.00 a square foot

The complete package is called full turnkey package, and includes every aspect of construction from the foundation to possession. The full turnkey package will include but not limited to the following:

Note: The above square foot price is an estimate to give our clients an approximation of building costs and to assist in developing a budget for the project. This price will vary according to materials you choose to finish your home.

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