Green Timber Framing

Green timber framing begins with the sourcing of the timber itself. Whether the it is locally sourced, reclaimed, or recycled timber, you can be assured that Hamill Creek Timber Homes uses an environmentally friendly approach to green timber framing.

The Interior of British Columbia, where Hamill Creek Timber Homes is located, is home to some of the highest quality of timber in the world. British Columbia’s harvesting standards are some of the most stringent in the world. Hamill Creek Timber Homes only uses timber that originates from sustainable and correctly managed forests. We are committed to green timber framing that supports sustainable forestry practices including using recycled and reclaimed timber.

Using Recycled & Reclaimed Timber Beams

While many Hamill Creek homes are built with new timber sustainably harvested from the forest, it is also possible to use reclaimed timber beams. The benefits of using reclaimed and recycled timber beams include:

  • Unique appearance and character
  • History of the timber’s origins
  • Physical durability
  • Environmental sustainability (reduces deforestation and climate change)

Reclaimed timber beams come from trees that are salvaged from forests that have been destroyed by forest fires. Once the trees have been reclaimed, the forest is replanted, allowing it to regenerate. Recycled timber, or antique lumber, is processed wood retrieved from unused buildings. It is the most environmentally friendly source for green timber framing. One of the magnificent features of timber frame buildings are their longevity. Using reclaimed timber beams has the inherent benefit of preserving living trees as well as fulfilling the ‘green’ ethos of reusing. Whether salvaged from old mill buildings, old barns or old factories, your home will be enhanced by the history and character of timeless timbers.

Our recycled timbers are sourced, and then brought to the mill where they are cleaned, de-nailed, cut to required size and finished. Throughout the process we ensure that the character and history of the pieces are retained, giving your home a visible connection to the past.

Structurally, reclaimed timber beams are a very dry and stable source of wood. The checking (formation of small cracks) of recycled timbers has already occurred, allowing our craftsmen to shape the timbers accordingly.

LEED Timber Framing

In recent years Hamill Creek has facilitated a number of LEED certified projects through green timber framing. Timber frame homes are made of a perfectly renewable building material, which naturally coincides with the principles laid out by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and adopted by the Canadian Green Building Council (CaGBC).

LEED stands for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” and it focuses on a whole-building approach. The goal of LEED for Homes is to create measurable benchmarks throughout the design, construction, and operation of high-performance building. The program focuses on six elements of human and environmental health:

  1. Water efficiency
  2. Energy efficiency (balanced heating and cooling systems with savings on water and energy bills)
  3. Materials selection
  4. Indoor environmental quality (reduced allergens, chemicals, and mold)
  5. Innovation and design process
  6. Sustainable site development

If these are some of the major elements you’re looking for in a home, Hamill Creek Timber Homes can help created a design that is inspired by LEED’s principles.

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