Timber Enclosure

Timber Enclosures and “Lock-Up” Packages

Hamill Creek Timber Homes supplies and installs various levels of timber enclosure systems, from basic timber frame kits all the way to turnkey prefab timber frame homes. The basic system is the timber frame kit, which provides the timber frame structure.

If you are interested in purchasing a timber frame kit to finish at your leisure, please visit our kit page. However, if you are interested in a full lock-up or move-in ready building, such as a prefab timber frame home, please read on.

Hamill Creek Can Provide Timber Enclosures All Over the World

Hamill Creek can provide timber roof and wall enclosure systems, lock-up packages, and turnkey packages to any location in the world. Adding exterior windows and doors to a timber enclosure package transforms it into the lock-up package. Lock-up packages include the Timber Frame Kit as well as insulated wall panels, roof panels, windows and doors. This package allows the building to be locked, but still requires final roofing membranes and exterior siding and trim to complete the exterior.

Our team will travel to your site after the foundation is prepared and install the complete package, leaving you with a watertight Hamill Creek Timber Home to finish at your leisure. Hamill Creek Timber Homes timber enclosure systems include precut insulated walls and insulated roof assemblies and can be built either using pre-cut SIP panels or conventional wood frame insulation (spray foam or mineral wool batt such as Roxul).

If you would like your home to be move-in ready (turnkey), Hamill Creek can provide you with final roofing membranes, exterior siding and trim, and all of the interior fixtures.

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Prefab Timber Frame Home Insulated Panels and Roof Systems

Hamill Creek Timber Homes has a wealth of expertise in prefab timber homes including pre-manufactured insulated panels and roof systems, which we combine with our timber frame kits to create timber enclosures, lock-up packages and turnkey packages. Years of experience has enabled us to offer a variety of timber enclosure systems made of timber wall insulated panels of the highest quality and competitive pricing. We specialize in pre-manufactured open timber wall insulated panels and built-up roof systems, as well as working with timber frame SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels).

Performance of a Pre-Manufactured 2×6 Wall System

Performance of a Built-Up Roof System

Performance of timber frame SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

Timber Frame SIPs

For more information about timber frame SIPs, visit the Structural Insulated Panel Association’s website.

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