Timber Frame Products & Finishes

Hamill Creek Timber Homes also supplies a variety of timber frame products.  We manufacture and supply timber frame products for outdoor living spaces such as gazebos, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, carports, covered decks, porches, golf cart sheds, picnic shelters, and bridges.  Timber frame accent and design elements can also be added to the interior and exterior of your home in the form of ceiling beams, roof braces, gable accent, rafter tails and much more.

Timber Frame Building Material

Hamill Creek Timber Homes ensures that all of their timber frame products are manufactured from responsibly and ethically harvested forests.  British Columbia is one of the world leaders in Sustainable Forest Management and is known for its abundant resources of quality Douglas Fir, Larch, Spruce, Western Red Cedar and Pine.  It is from these species that we cut our timber frames and other timber frame products.

Wood has many inherent qualities that makes it an ideal building material.  These include:

Other Timber Frame Products to Finish Your Home

To finish your new home, with the same continuity of appearance and quality as your timber frame, Hamill Creek Timber Homes’ onsite sawmill can offer a large array of wood products.  These products are cut from the same logs as the timber frame, which really does provide continuity.  These timber frame products include:

Hamill Creek Timber Homes can also supply window, doors and wall and roof enclosures (Structural Insulated panels, or built up systems) to the finishing of your new home.

Stairs and Staircases for Your Timber Frame Home

Hamill Creek Timber Homes’ fine woodworking shop is staffed with a master stair builder, who has been crafting beautiful interior and exterior stairs, and railings for our timber frame homes for more than 30 years.  Our stairs are cut and crafted from the same quality wood as our timber frames, and will be an outstanding additional feature in your new home

Timber Frame Finishes, Stains, and Sealers

We offer a wide variety of custom timber frame finishes and stains to be applied to our wood products that will both protect and enhance the character and feel of your timber frame home.  Timber frame finishes can be smooth and sophisticated or textured and rustic. Both the timber frame finishes and stains you choose will help to determine the style and look you desire.

Timber Frame Surface Finishes

The timbers for your home can have different surface finishes, which include:

Timber Frame Stains

Our timber frames are prefinished in our timber frame shop with an environmental quality stain and sealer. On application, natural oils and resins, in a water base, penetrate deep into the wood’s cell structure forming a tough, durable barrier that won’t crack, peel or blister while nourishing the wood and allowing it to breath.   This finish also offers ultra violet (UV) protection from sunlight which can discolor and damage wood surfaces.

Mill Direct Building Products

As well as producing and supplying the products listed under other wood products to finish your timber frame home, you can also purchase timbers or lumber from our onsite sawmill.

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