Timber Frame Commercial Buildings

Hamill Creek Timber Homes has built many timber frame commercial buildings all over the world. While timber framing is often thought of as a residential building form, it is ideally suited for building many types of commercial buildings. We have extensive experience in designing and constructing timber frame lodges, clubhouses, restaurants, and resorts throughout Canada, mainland United States, Hawaii, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands and more.

By working closely with renowned architects, engineers, and builders throughout each project, we are able to meet stringent building requirements on the most unique designs. Traditional timber framed buildings can be customized to many commercial spaces, whether you are building a brand new structure or creating an addition.  As a home for your business, a timber frame building will leave a memorable and lasting impression on your clients, customers and visitors. With its natural light and open design a timber framed building creates the perfect working environment.

A Look at Hamill Creek’s Timber Frame Commercial Buildings

Timber framing can be a perfect option when thinking about building a commercial building. Whether you’re looking to build a large club house on a golf course, or a secluded lodge in the mountains, see how Hamill Creek has helped build custom timber frame buildings for commercial use all over the world.

Timber Frame Lodges

Wooden timbers find their natural environment again in a timber frame lodge. Many lodges are built in places of natural beauty, for the pursuits of outdoor experiences, and timber framing melds naturally back into this environment.  Whether you are building a hunting lodge, a ski lodge, or a resort lodge, Hamill Creek Timber Homes can help you bring your custom timber frame lodge to life. Hamill Creek Timber Home’s services are sought after worldwide for building exclusive and prestigious resort communities. Explore our variety of lodge style floor plans to find the perfect design for your own timber framed building.

Custom Timber Buildings by Hamill Creek

Throughout the world, Hamill Creek Timber Homes continues to be sought after to build exceptional custom timber frame commercial buildings. Hamill Creek Timber Homes has been honoured to build award-winning presentation centres on championship golf courses and spectacular restaurants in the Colorado and Canadian Rockies, golf clubhouses on luxurious Hawaiian oceanfront, and Heli-skiing and Snow Cat skiing lodges in British Columbia. If you are looking to build a new restaurant, retail store, clubhouse, banquet hall, office building, or hotel, do not hesitate to contact Hamill Creek Timber Homes to discuss creating a unique timber frame building.

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