Choosing a Timber Frame Ceiling Style

Hamill Creek   |   Aug 31, 2021

Choosing the right decorative timber frame ceiling style can be a beautiful addition to your home. But if you want to know if you’ve made the right choice, it’s best to understand your options. 

To address those options, we will go through different timber frame ceiling styles you can choose from. We will also tell you how they compare based on pricing and style preference. 

What are the Most Popular Timber Frame Ceiling Styles?

The three most popular timber frame styles are the following:

  • Wood paneling/T&G (Tongue and Groove) 
  • Drywall
  • Hybrid (tray or coffered) 

You’ll find that each type of wood is most popular due to its use in different living areas:

Where is T&G Wood Best?

T&G, or Tongue and Groove wood, is called this because each piece of wood easily fits into another part. T&G wood goes great in common spaces because of the natural aesthetic. 

T&G wood is incredible for that perfect timber frame look. It is the main component in creating complete looks for many dream homes. 

People always assume that T&G is only for rustic homes. However, it can be stained to suit a variety of needs. 

You can shade T&G wood to have any combination of light and dark beams, adding depth to a country farmhouse. You can also stick with a dark beam, making it suitable for a log cabin look. 

Where is Drywall Best?

Drywall is typically best for bedrooms because bedrooms are smaller. Drywall has a natural ability to brighten up smaller rooms. 

Drywall is excellent in an intimate space because it is suitable for brighter paints. Keeping your ceiling brighter than your walls makes your room feel bigger. 

Exposed beams are also a popular choice with drywall. Combining wood framing with a drywall backing is one way you can add depth with a limited cost. 

When selecting timber frame floor plans, people undervalue what drywall can do. With the right expertise and placement, drywall can help transform your room into a great space. 

Where are Hybrid Ceilings Best?

Coffered ceilings and tray ceilings are considered hybrid ceilings that combine drywall and timber. They are known to be “square” and have multiple layers indicating a deeper portion.

These hybrid ceilings are known for adding significant value to homes because of their modern look. These ceiling types also absorb sound alongside looking pretty. 

Because their use in modern homes doesn’t appeal to those looking for the classic farmhouse look. However, they can still provide a modern twist on the traditional farmhouse design. 

It is true you can make a tray or coffered ceiling without choosing hybrid materials. However, mixed materials typically add depth to the overall design of your ceiling project.

Are Barn-Style Roofs Energy-Efficient?

Many assume that the combination of heavy timbers indicates a lack of insulated panels. Barn-style rooves are energy efficient, provided they have the proper insulation built into them. 

Our company provides roofs that are built up. That means you can get the beauty of exposed beams without the loss of insulation. Our insulation is built behind the exposed portion. 

For further energy efficiency, our company also uses reclaimed wood. This is part of our green timber framing focus, enabling us to provide an environmentally friendly experience.  

Is There a Price Difference Between Ceiling Styles in Timber Frame Homes? 

When building from scratch, the cost of different ceiling styles is mostly the same. We find that T&G ceiling designs are a bit more expensive, but the price is still relatively comparable. 

If you get into more complex ceiling designs, this can impact the cost heavily. An example of this would be cathedral ceiling designs, which can be a bit more expensive. 

Standard sloped ceilings go between seven and ten feet, regardless of having exposed timber trusses. Vaulted ceilings are always more expensive, given the extra space. However, good insulation can make up the difference. 

Final Thoughts on Timber Frame Sizes

A good timber frame construction for your ceiling can make your house feel like home. When it comes to finding the right ceiling design, it is okay to be picky. After all, you have to live with it. 

Our team at Hamill Creek Timber Homes has the expertise needed to make your dream home become a reality. Contact us today to be sure your dream timber ceiling becomes a reality.

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