Why a Commercial Timber Frame Structure is a Smart Choice for Businesses

Hamill Creek   |   Apr 6, 2023

Businesses looking to build a new space often realize the clear financial advantages of investing in commercial timber framing. Like most lucrative business decisions, a little extra money on the front end can easily equate to handsome returns on the back end. Timber frame commercial buildings provide the kind of high energy efficiency, long-lasting durability, and innovation that generates wealth – while also attracting clientele. 

Costs of Timber Frame Commercial Construction Projects vs Other Materials and Methods

The price tag on commercial construction depends on several variables. And while customized timber frame structures are typically more expensive than their stick-built or brick-and-mortar competitors, this is not always the case.

Overall, businesses pay approximately 20% more for a commercial timber frame structure than a standard commercial building. This upcharge reflects shipping costs necessary to obtain high-quality timber from places like British Columbia and the Pacific Northwest.

There are practical ways to recover the overhead expenses that come with timber framing. Businesses using timber frame structures for leisure destinations like upscale resorts, exclusive clubhouses, and luxury spas can charge customers premium rates to offset the cost of using high-quality building materials. And those creating functional spaces such as offices and workshops can furnish their interiors using more traditional materials to cut-down on additional spending.

Why Commercial Timber Framing is a Smart Investment   

Businesses deterred by the initial cost of timber frame commercial construction projects should understand the future savings and potential profits that these real estate investments can facilitate.

Utility Bills

Timbers have superior insulation properties compared to steel or brick, keeping interiors warmer during the colder months and cooler in hot weather conditions. As a result, businesses can save on monthly utility expenses like heat, electricity, and HVAC services all year round. By reducing these operating costs, businesses can effectively increase their bottom line.

Fire Resistance

Fire damage can cause businesses huge financial losses, but using timber frames helps reduce the severity of such an occurrence. The actual timbers themselves have the dimensions and density to prevent them from burning quickly. In fact, when exposed to fire they produce a layer of char that insulates it from further heat penetration, preserving the building’s structural integrity – even during an intense fire.

Eco-friendly Branding

Building a commercial timber frame structure is an excellent way for businesses to visually demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability. This is also lucrative from a marketing standpoint because eco-conscious brands often capture a large customer base of like-minded people. For businesses working in the ecotourism industry such as skiing and hiking destinations, this becomes especially relevant.

Real Estate Investment

In the end, paying an additional 20% over standard commercial building costs for a timber frame structure is financially feasible considering its lifespan could stretch for centuries into the future. Coupled with its branding potential, aesthetic appeal, and energy-efficient designs, timber frames are profitable real estate investments for any business.

Commercial Timber Framing from Hamill Creek  

Hamill Creek’s stellar reputation is built on the successful construction of timber frame commercial structures worldwide. Our company’s pristine work is featured by hotels, restaurants, and golf clubs in places like the United States, Canada, the Bahamas, the British Virgin Islands, and beyond.

Customer service is at the heart of Hamill Creek. So, whether your company seeks new construction or a simple addition, we can adapt to your individual needs. Bringing elevated craftsmanship to your unique vision is what we do best.

Our talented team of architects, designers, and builders is excited to bring your commercial construction projects to life. Contact Us today to get started! 

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