Strategic Planning for Timber Frame Commercial Buildings: Essential Tips for Builders

Hamill Creek   |   Feb 23, 2024

A timber frame commercial building delivers both beauty and performance in one powerful package. The combination of good looks, sustainability, and customization helps explain why some of the most impressive commercial buildings in the world use timber frames and trusses. Of course, commercial timber frame construction has its challenges. But that’s where our custom timber frame builders come in.

Not all timber frame companies can handle large commercial projects. We recommend ensuring that anyone you work with on your commercial timber frame construction understands the following aspects of construction.

 Basics of Commercial Timber Builds

Commercial projects tend to be on a much larger scale than residential homes. With so much money and so many people involved, the following concerns must be addressed by custom timber frame builders in such projects.

Understanding Local Regulations

Commercial buildings fall under specific building codes and regulations, which can vary depending on the region. They can vary even from municipality to municipality. And if you are building somewhere remote, it’s even more important for timber frame companies to understand local regulations. Otherwise, you could invest in a project that local authorities eventually halt or even demand be torn down.

Engaging Qualified Professionals

Commercial buildings tend to be big. That means it takes many, many people to complete the project, including many qualified professionals. Depending on the size of the project, you could be looking at dozens of professionals in a single profession, such as glazing (glass).

Finding enough professionals to do the job—and ensuring they meet your standards—is a full-time job all on its own. One of the most important qualifications of a commercial builder is their ability to source reliable labor, so make sure whoever you choose has a proven track record in this area.

Procuring High-Quality Timber Materials

Large timber buildings require significant amounts of timber materials. This is another area where the resourcefulness and logistic skills of your builder make a big difference. Remember, the ability to procure quality building materials is important anywhere, but if you are building in a remote area, you must verify that they can get you the materials you need to that location.

What are the best timber species for commercial construction? It all depends on the look you want and the budget you have.

Addressing Structural Concerns

The bigger the building, the more complex the structural needs can become. Not everyone is qualified to develop plans that ensure large commercial buildings are safe and structurally sound. Fortunately, companies like Hamill Creek have relationships with talented and reliable building professionals, like architects, who have a proven track record of designing structurally safe commercial timber buildings.

What type of foundation is suitable for a timber frame commercial building? Poured concrete is the most common, but the foundation needs to be designed to accommodate the overall build and local building regulations.

Effectively Managing Budget and Schedule

Commercial timber frame buildings are typically luxury projects, so they are not cheap. That being said, a poorly managed build is likely to be far more expensive than it has to be. Another benefit of hiring an experienced builder is that they know how to manage budgets and schedules to keep costs within projections.

Comprehensive Planning Before Initiating Project

It is essential to develop a comprehensive timber frame building plan before starting a project. There are so many variables that must be accounted for, any of which could derail a project. Plan, then plan some more, so that you have every detail accounted for. There will still be plenty of surprises, but hopefully, not more than happen on any big building project.

We recommend planning for the build and what will happen in the years after the build. For example, what are the maintenance requirements for a timber frame commercial building? The answer depends on the region (such as in a humid versus an arid environment), the use profile (heavy foot traffic versus minimal, for example), and so on.

Partner With the Experts in Timber Frame Commercial Building

At Hamill Creek, we provide expert guidance and assistance for your timber frame design and build. We can simply answer questions, handle complex projects, or do anything in between. We are located in British Columbia, but we handle projects all over, from Alaska to the Caribbean, even managing shipping logistics. We specialize in a variety of commercial buildings for businesses such as resorts, lodges, and clubs.

Trust our expertise in the timber frame design and build process to bring your vision to life. Hamill Creek is excited to collaborate and build an inspiring and sustainable future for your business! Get in contact with us today.

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