Timber Frame Homes: Finding the Perfect Location for Your Build

Hamill Creek   |   Sep 12, 2023

While timber frame homes are beautiful on their own, building one at the perfect location is a surefire way to create a lasting impression. While there are many practical things like building regulations and local climate to assess when choosing a building site, aesthetic considerations are also important. 

From labor expenses to building materials, where you choose to construct your timber frame home can have a major impact on the total cost. Similarly, you need to know the local zoning laws at a home site before you invest in a construction project. 

By knowing exactly how different timber frame home construction locations will impact the project, you can make the best possible decision when planning the home of your dreams.

Local Climate

Whether it be Hawaii or British Columbia, you need to consider how the local climate will affect timber framing before choosing a construction site. For example, if you build in a tropical climate, you should design passive ventilation for cooling purposes. In like fashion, tropical climates often require the use of specific types of wood that repel termites – such as red cedar. 

For people that choose to build in the mountains, snow and wind load requirements should be at the front of your mind. If your building site is at a high elevation, you might need to meet snow load requirements in the neighborhood of 200 lbs. per square foot. In turn, such heavy structural reinforcements will likely impact your total building expenses.

Flat Lots vs Sloped Lot

Another critical element to take note of when choosing a location for your home is whether the lot is flat or sloped. Importantly, flat lots offer far easier construction with straightforward foundations and simplified grading. Since they provide a more uniform surface for design, flat lots generally result in lower construction costs. 

Sloped lots allow you to build in unique locations like mountainsides. In turn, timber frame homes built on sloped lots often offer breathtaking views, multi-level designs, and creative uses of space. Nonetheless, since these lots require specialized engineering and foundation work to accommodate slope angles, they are generally more expensive to build on.

Natural Beauty

It goes without saying, you also need to consider the aesthetic appeal and natural beauty of your chosen building site. If your home is surrounded by picturesque landscapes like rolling hills and serene waterfronts, it will blend seamlessly with the environment. For many homeowners, the process of matching timber frame floor plans to surrounding natural features can be deeply gratifying. 

If you have ever spent time in a timber frame home, you have likely noticed how the exposed wooden beams blend harmoniously with the natural surroundings, creating a perfect connection between the indoors and outdoors. Moreover, open floor plans and large picture windows let the beauty of the outdoors flow effortlessly into the interior of your home.

Local Building Regulations

Local building regulations have a significant influence on the choice of location for a timber frame home. Zoning laws dictate where residential construction is permitted, considering factors like lot size, setbacks, and land use restrictions. These laws generally apply to any type of home construction, not just timber frames. 

It’s important to note that environmental regulations for home construction can vary at the state, county, municipality, and neighborhood levels. Environmental regulations often include erosion control, storm water management, habitat protection, and wildfire setbacks.

Building Materials & Skilled Laborers

The availability of building materials and local labor can drastically impact the cost of building a timber frame house. For example, if you decide to build your home in an extremely remote location, you will have to pay to have materials shipped to the construction site. 

The availability of skilled builders who know timber frame construction techniques is essential. While Hamill Creek provides detailed plans and inclusive material kits with our floor plans, they still require skilled craftspeople to be built properly.

Assess Timber Frame Home Construction Locations with Hamill Creek

As one of the leading timber frame design companies in the world, Hamill Creek can advise you on the perfect building site for your dream home. We are happy to discuss the benefits and drawbacks of different timber frame home construction locations.

For personalized assistance and expert advice in building your timber frame home, contact Hamill Creek Timber Homes.

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