Fun Timber Frame Additions

Hamill Creek   |   Apr 2, 2019

Timber frame additions are a beautiful way to add to your home. Whether you already have a post-and-beam structure and you want to expand, you’re looking to class up an existing room, or you want to add a timber structure to a conventional home, the options are endless.

Great Rooms

If you want more space to entertain, and a better flow to the main floor of your home, expanding with a great room might be the way to go. Without remodeling your entire home, this addition can give you more space and really add to the aesthetic. Whether you go for a grandiose look with a vaulted ceiling, or build out in the style of your current home, adding a post-and-beam frame, this addition will certainly make a major change in your home.

Entry Porch

The first thing you and your guests see as they enter your home is your front porch, so why not add a timber frame porch to make that entrance grand? You can include covered sections, or even wrap the porch around your home. A large porch can be a versatile area for entertaining during warmer months, and will add to the beauty of the outside of your home.


One fun way to add some class and style to your home is to upgrade your stairways. You might opt to install a spiral staircase for the ultimate effect, or simply install wooden guard rails along your current staircases. Either way, this can be a fun one-off timber project.


Much like your stairways, fireplaces are a great choice for a smaller project. Beautiful decorative woodwork and beams can transform your fireplace into the visual centerpiece of any room.

Master Suite

Is it time to turn your master bedroom into a master suite? Perhaps the kids have moved out and it’s time to do something just for you. Expanding with post and beam construction is a great way to upgrade a normal bedroom into a dream room. You can actually expand the footprint of your home with a full timber frame addition, or if space doesn’t allow for that, simply add the post and beam construction to your existing space.

Add a Loft

If you feel like you have underutilized vertical space, a loft is a great way to creatively and pragmatically make use of it. Your loft can serve as a sleeping area for guests, a hobby room for crafting, or whatever you want it to be! Lofting is a fantastic and practical timber frame addition.

Timber Stylings

Even if you don’t want to redo an entire room or build a major addition, there are still many things you can do to make your home more beautiful without fully reconstructing a room. You can add timbered ceilings, decorative trusses and brackets, and much more.

Whatever you want to do to build your dream home, we’re here to help make it happen!

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