Gorgeous Timber Frame Barn Plans

Hamill Creek   |   Jul 18, 2019

Whether you need to build a new barn for your horses, erect a barn that serves to store equipment and feed, or simply want a barn constructed for special events on your land, determining what style suits you best is important. Timber frame barns are sturdy, easier to construct than alternatives, and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Simple, Time-Saving, and Customizable

Opting for a timber frame structure harkens back to a time of celebratory barn-raising with the community and creates an opportunity for a family to gather and build something together. While you might want to add bells and whistles to your ongoing project, the easy-to-assemble barn itself can protect your animals and other valuables from harsh weather conditions in significantly less time than it would take to construct a barn without a timber frame kit.

With timber frame designs for your barn, you can create it to your specifications. Higher roof? Larger area? Storage for hay bales? Stables? Timber framing gives individuals the opportunity to cater to a specific structure and aesthetic.

Further, purchasing a timber frame kit will make the project even simpler, as it allows you several options specific to your level of involvement. You can hire an installation crew if you choose, and ongoing technical support is available at your disposal.

The build can be done at your own pace. Once the pre-cut frame and panels are assembled, the remainder of the design can be done around your own schedule. Hamill Creek recognizes how much time and energy is takes to run a farm, and we understand the importance of doing things on your time. You are in control.

Higher Quality, Less Environmental Impact

Timber frame barns typically have wider and heavier timbers than other styles of wood used for conventional barns. This style is beneficial as it creates a stronger frame and results in an extremely well-built structure. Further, they’re more energy efficient and keep spaces warmer as a direct result of simply using real wood. If you’re looking to erect a structure that will withstand the test of time and last generations, investing in a timber frame kit is a wise choice.

By putting to use the structural insulated panel (SIP) wall and roof panel system, a major gift you’ve given yourself and the world at large is the limited impact on the environment. Investing in timber framing is an eco-friendly choice, as it is 100% renewable and also removes and stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

A barn offers offers protection and preservation. It cuts down on maintenance. It provides a significant level of security. And by using a Hamill Creek timber frame kit, you can build a barn in as little as a week with the confidence and peace of mind that you made the best economical choice.

Our company wants to make the construction of your barn as easy and economical as possible. This is why we offer various levels of support when you invest in a timber frame kit. Hamill Creek is dedicated to helping you not only create the structure of your dreams, but doing so with a team of individuals willing to help out at your discretion. This is your barn and we respect that it should be built on your terms.

What are you waiting for? Create your dream barn plan and set that project in motion. We can’t wait to see what you intend to build!

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