Here’s your guide to mixing brick materials in your timber frame home.

Timber Frame and Brick: How to Flawlessly Mix Materials in Your Home

Hamill Creek   |   Jun 5, 2024

One of the reasons why people have become so passionate about timber frame homes in recent years is the opportunities they offer for customization. This style of home allows for so many different design combinations—including timber and brick.

Whether it’s a brick accent wall, brick home additions, or a full build that seeks to incorporate brick throughout, we can help with your hybrid timber frame design.

What Is a Hybrid Timber Frame Home?

A hybrid timber frame home uses many of the structural and design elements of a full timber frame home while also incorporating non-traditional elements. Sometimes this is done to save money, such as when designs use steel joinery and fasteners instead of handcrafted joinery. Other times, hybridization is a choice to customize the look of the home—like when homeowners add brick elements to their timber home.

Most Popular Choices to Mix Timber and Brick

Brick was a popular building material for homes in many parts of the world, including Europe and later in the southeastern United States. The original reason for its popularity was its availability. In regions with clay soil, brick could be easily manufactured and made into a reliable and beautiful building material. But it’s not without its drawbacks.

When used on its own for structures, brick is a poor insulator. It’s also heavy, which requires a thicker and more expensive foundation. That’s why today, brick is used mostly as a veneer on the exterior of buildings. Wood framing and modern insulation options are better choices for the structure of a home—but that doesn’t mean you can’t add brick as an accent wherever you want for its rustic charm and unique texture.

Some of the most popular uses of brick with timber frame homes include:

Brick Veneer

If you see a fairly modern home with external brick walls, chances are you are looking at a veneer. Builders add a layer of brick to the exterior wall to create that timeless look. Plenty of hybrid timber frame homes utilize brick veneer to create that farmhouse or rustic look that goes so perfectly with timber structures.

Brick Accent Walls

Another classic look uses brick on interior accent walls. A wall of brick surrounded by timber really pops because of the contrasting colors and textures. It’s hard not to run your hands over the wall as you pass by!

Brick Flooring

Brick floors in homes can transform a space, either interior or exterior. Brick flooring holds up well to hard use and looks like nothing else.

Brick Outdoor Spaces

Many homeowners choose brick for outdoor spaces. Brick has that warm, natural feel that fits just right surrounded by trees, grass, and landscaping. It also makes an excellent frame for an outdoor fireplace and cooking area.

How can the structure be secured to the foundation in such a design combination?

The primary structure is the timber frame, which attaches in various ways depending on the foundation type. For example, many timber frame homes are secured to concrete slabs. Adding brick as cladding or as an additional attached structure requires ensuring that the foundation can handle the extra weight.

If you are building a new brick and timber frame construction, the design and foundation choices should include consideration for the total weight of the structure. If you are adding brick as an additional design element later on, it’s a good idea to talk to a knowledgeable builder about what your options are based on your current foundation.

Need Help with Your Hybrid Timber Frame Home?

Your home is an investment and worth building right. That’s why we encourage anyone considering building a timber frame home, including a brick and timber home, to speak with us about their design options.

Brick fits well in so many designs, but there are important things to pay attention to when you are adding this material to a home. The weight is one consideration due to the limits of certain foundations. It’s also important to make sure the design fits your overall aesthetic—and it’s always nice to have a second, professional opinion when answering that question. Fortunately, we can help with all of these concerns.
Achieving your dream home is effortless with our expertise in customizing your desired look. Hamill Creek specializes in crafting exceptional timber frame and brick combinations for your home design. Contact us today and let’s begin the process.

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