The Cost of Commercial Timber Frame Buildings

Hamill Creek   |   May 30, 2024

Public structures built with timber offer a level of beauty and desirability that is rarely found with more standardized commercial materials. Commercial timber frame construction is warm and inviting, and research has shown that working and spending time in wooden structures makes people feel better. Perhaps that’s the reason so many upscale commercial ventures choose heavy timber frame construction.

The cost of construction of a timber frame commercial building is not something that can be accurately estimated in an article. There are simply too many variables to consider to give a reliable number that applies to all situations. Some estimates put timber frame construction of commercial buildings at around 20% higher than other building methods, but that estimate is quite loose—the actual cost of a project must be calculated by experts based on many factors.

Things to Remember About Commercial Timber Frame Construction

A custom timber frame commercial building offers so many exciting possibilities for businesses and organizations. There are a few things that anyone considering a commercial timber building should keep in mind, including:

Heavy Timbers are Only Sourced from a Few Locations

One of the biggest factors that causes timber frame construction to be more expensive than other construction methods is the availability of timber. The big, beautiful timbers that go into these buildings are usually sourced from the Pacific Northwest and Canada. The further your build site is from these locations, the more you will pay in shipping costs to get the timbers to your building team.

Timber Frame Construction is an Investment

Although the initial cost is more expensive than some materials, few buildings have the same type of appeal and longevity as timber frame structures. Upon completion, everyone who sees the building remembers it and it will quickly become an aesthetic focal point for the area. This kind of branding and recognition can pay significant dividends over the years and decades that follow. These structures can last for centuries if properly maintained.

Is Timber Frame Construction Expensive?

Timber frame construction costs are higher than some other commercial buildings. They can cost somewhere around 20% more to build than using other materials such as concrete or steel. Some benefits come with this extra expenditure, some of which are mentioned above.

How to Estimate the Cost of Construction for a Commercial Building?

If you want to estimate the cost of a commercial timber frame building, it’s best to speak with an experienced team like we have here at Hamill Creek. While it’s possible to give very general estimates on construction costs—right now the average is $225 per square foot (but that can change day by day)—that kind of estimate is rarely accurate.

When you speak to one of our design specialists, we will ask you some important questions that can make the initial estimate far more accurate. Some of the questions we will ask include:

  • What purpose will the building serve?
  • Where will it be located?
  • Are you wanting it to be as simple as possible, highly ornate, or somewhere in between?
  • What type of wood are you hoping to use?
  • Will it be exposed timbers throughout?

Even answering these few questions will make it much easier for us to give you a clear picture of the price range of your building. And the more details we get from you, the more accurate our estimate will be.

Getting a quote is a quick and easy process. Once we know the details we can generate an estimate in short order.

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