Building a Timber Frame Pavilions

Hamill Creek   |   Sep 10, 2020

If you’re looking for a way to beautify your outdoor environment while creating a shaded space for dining, entertaining or just relaxing, consider a timber frame pavilion. Outdoor pavilions are seen in many public spaces, such as parks, restaurants, wedding venues, community centers and schools, and they’re available in many different sizes and materials. Traditionally styled timber frame pavilions, however, bring a warmth and classic look to a backyard, pool area or city park. For homeowners building a timber frame home, a complementary pavilion is the perfect addition to complete your outdoor décor — and it adds appeal and value to your home.

You can either build your pavilion from scratch or, more conveniently, work from timber frame pavilion plans and a pre-fabricated timber frame kit.  

What is an Outdoor Pavilion?

A pavilion is an open-sided roofed structure that doesn’t have a built-in floor. It’s usually placed on an existing patio or paved area, like a poolside deck. If the location is to be a grassy yard, a concrete slab may first be poured to provide a hard floor. Pavilions most often feature 4-6 posts, which in most cases are attached to a patio, deck or concrete base. A pavilion provides shade from the sun and a dry shelter when it rains. If you’d like a structure with a classic look, there are many timber frame pavilion designs available.

What About Arbors, Gazebos and Pergolas?

These are all standalone structures, but they differ from pavilions in design and usage. Arbors and pergolas feature latticework, but while an arbor is used as an entrance into a backyard or garden, a pergola tends to be much larger and provides shade for an outside seating area. A gazebo, while similar to a pavilion, has its own floor. It is usually fenced in and is oval or octagon shaped, while a pavilion is mostly rectangular. The open design of a pavilion provides a clearer view of the surrounding landscape.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an Outdoor Pavilion?

It is difficult to give an exact cost for building an outdoor pavilion, as many variables come into play. How large will it be? What design and materials do you prefer? Is it for a family on their backyard deck, or is it for public use? Pavilions are also available as kits, which can save time and money, or they can also be custom built. According to Home Advisor, the average cost to build a pavilion is $3,000 to $12,000, with larger pavilions designed for a public space as much as $25,000. Adding a cement floor will increase the cost.

What Materials Do You Need to Build a Pavilion?

If you’re building a timber frame pavilion, a kit will provide everything you need, including beams, posts, slats, braces, and joining hardware. When building a pavilion from scratch as a DIY project, always work from precise drawings. Materials will include the wood for the timber framing (beams, posts, rafters), wooden dowels or pegs and any other joinery, nails and other necessary hardware. You will also need ceiling and roofing materials (roof decking, roofing felt), shingles, and footings or anchors for the posts. For a grassy location, you will need cement to pour as a solid surface.   

Why Purchase a Timber Frame Pavilion Kit from Hamill Creek?

There are many reasons to use a timber frame pavilion kit from Hamill Creek. Materials purchased in a kit will likely be less expensive than having to purchase individual items as a consumer from a big box store. Using a timber frame kit takes the guesswork out of measurements and materials, and you’ll benefit from our expertise. We’ve been building timber frame structures since 1989.

Our experts will discuss your plans and give you knowledgeable advice and the best options, whether you’re adding a small pavilion to your deck or designing a large outdoor pavilion for a public space. We’ll help you to consider your region, the desired size and uses, to come up with the best timber frame pavilion plans. We can also recommend builders, if you don’t have the time or the experience to do it yourself. We use only the highest quality timber from sustainable forests in British Columbia for an eco-friendly – and beautiful — finished product.

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