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How Timber Framing Can Improve Your Living Room

Hamill Creek   |   Jul 25, 2019

When envisioning your ideal living room, what appears in your imagination? Are there high ceilings? A fireplace, perhaps? Does it make you feel comfortable? It should. Living rooms are gathering places for friends and families. It’s where we share stories, relax, and enjoy each other’s company.

Simple and Elegant

One of the most beautiful ways to enhance your living room is the addition of timber framing. By investing in a timber frame kit, you can build out your living room addition or accents to your specifications, making sure the personal touches choose are just that – uniquely yours. A timber frame kit offers tremendous flexibility and can transform spaces in a number of various ways. Are you looking to add creative, eclectic touches, or are you wanting to add greater grace and formality? The options available are only limited by your imagination.

Timber framing breathes life into indoor spaces. It adds character and an appeal more modern than that of a rustic log cabin. Timber framing can be used to add drama and flair to a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams. It can add a whole new element of beauty to french doors opening out to your yard. You deserve to have the living room of your dreams, and a timber frame kit can bring it to life.

Efficient and Environmentally-Conscious

Another reason to seriously consider timber framing is its energy efficiency. Because sturdy wood is the hallmark of timber framing, it keeps spaces warmer. It is more conducive when it comes to insulation. Timber frame kits can seal out the damaging weather elements and reduce energy costs. If keeping your living room cozier in the winter months is important to you, this is a solid choice.

There is also the benefit of the limited impact on the environment. In this day and age, it is necessary that all of us are eco-conscious due to limited resources. Choosing a timber frame kit when adding to your living room is a wise decision. Not only is it 100% renewable, but it also removes and stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Breathe Easy

Making changes to your living room does not need to be stressful, either. Investing in a timber frame kit can simplify your project tremendously, and it allows you several options specific to your level of involvement. If the idea of making upgrades to your living room on your own is too daunting, an expert Hamill Creek installation crew is at your disposal. Further, technical support is available at all times. It is our goal to make your build as easy and fulfilling as possible. There are various ways Hamill Creek is able to assist you in making your living room addition a reality. You determine our level of involvement.

Time is another consideration that we understand. Depending on your schedule, you can choose the speed at which the build is finished. Once the pre-cut frame and panels are assembled, it is up to your discretion as to when you put your plans into motion. Families are busy; we get it. Therefore, Hamill Creek will never pressure you to move faster than is comfortable for you.

Final Thoughts

Our goal is to provide the best materials and assistance for our customers. If you would like more information about how to elevate the aesthetic of your living room with a timber frame kit, please contact us our expert team at Hamill Creek. You deserve the best timber framing the industry offers.

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