Why Timber Framing Makes for Amazing Garages

Hamill Creek   |   Jun 7, 2019

When storms hit, our vehicles are at risk when left out in the elements. Dings and scratches can result from tree branches, hail, and other flying debris. When the weather is beautiful, presumably, the sun is out. If our cars are left in the sun too long, UV damage can result on both the exterior and interior. Parked outside, we also put our vehicles at risk of theft and vandalism. These reasons, among many others, are why it is so important to have a garage.

The Benefits of a Timber Frame Kit

But building a car port can be a costly project. Depending on the scope of the build, an individual can potentially spend $35,000. One way to save money, time, and a good deal of sanity is to invest in a timber frame kit. You are in control.

Pacing the Project

Setting the budget aside, there are a number of other reasons why a timber frame kit is a smart choice to consider when constructing a garage. To begin, the build can be done at your own pace. Once you put together the pre-cut frame and panels, the remainder of the design can be done around your own schedule.

Another benefit of timber framing is that the structure can come together quickly. While you might want to add bells and whistles to your ongoing project, the easy-to-assemble garage can protect your cars and other valuables from both harsh weather conditions and unauthorized access in a fraction of the time it would take to construct a garage without the benefit of a timber frame kit.

By erecting the structure in a timely fashion with the ease of a timber frame kit, you can not only get your cars under a roof more quickly, but you then have the time and ability to determine what you want to add to your garage. The electrical and plumbing elements can be handled on your own schedule, and if you choose to do something more extensive, like adding a living space above the garage, you know you can do it right, because you’re in charge.

Quality Material

Using the SIP wall & roof panel system you have a well insulated energy efficient space oftentimes overlooked. Another benefit of timber framing is its limited impact on the environment. Investing in timber framing is an eco-friendly choice, as it is 100% renewable and also removes and stores carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

A garage offers so much more than merely a roof over a car. It offers protection and preservation. It cuts down on maintenance. It offers a significant level of security for your valuables. And by using a Hamill Creek timber frame kit, you can build a garage quickly with confidence and peace of mind, knowing you made the best economical choice.

Hamill Creek Timber Homes can be as hands-on or hands-off as you choose. Technical support is always available at your convenience, and if you don’t want to deal with the construction yourself, Hamill Creek Timber Homes can send an installation crew to your home to do it for you. We are here to make your project come to life on your terms.

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