Colorado Timber Frame Builders

Timber frame homes bring traditional craftsmanship with a modern mountain style to Colorado homeowners and business people. What has long been a leading design in the Rocky Mountains is now popular throughout the state.

By pairing the ancient art of timber building with modern advances, Hamill Creek Timber Homes creates energy-efficient family homes that last for generations. And for businesses, the timber frame style attracts customers who enjoy open spaces and luxurious finishes. Our versatile portfolio includes eye-catching timber frame lodges, golf clubs, bars, and restaurants.

Colorado Timber Frame Design

Colorado timber frame homes can be cozy and rustic or contemporary, with vaulted ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows capturing Colorado’s bright sunshine. Our designers work with you to fine-tune your style and create the best custom home for you and your plot of land.

While custom designs provide the greatest flexibility and personalization, there are perks to selecting one of our pre-existing floor plans. By utilizing one of our plans, you save on design costs and time. 

You might also use these plans for inspiration, combining the features you envision in your dream home. These styles and builds have been proven successful, and there are designs for tiny homes all the way to expansive lodges. 

Alternatively, you may work with an outside architect. Once they complete the floor plan, we provide a complete custom timber frame package. Our custom frames use sustainable timber, and we handcraft the oak pegs and wood joinery for a beautiful wood framework.

Colorado Timber Homes Building Process

To craft a long-lasting, artful home, you must have the highest quality timber, milling, and craftsmanship. For over 30 years, Hamill Creek has prepared premier timber frames with everything needed for the building process. 

We source sustainable timber and craft everything in British Columbia. When your floor plan is ready, it takes us only 4–6 weeks to complete timber frame production and send it to Colorado. 

The next step in the process is raising the structure. Depending on the kit and service that you choose, we either mail the frame to your general contractor and have your builders raise it, or our installation team can do so in less than two weeks. 

If you’re unsure who you should work with, our experts can help select trusted and experienced contractors and builders. The right team is essential to craft and build a beautiful home or commercial building. 

For questions on the Colorado custom home building process, contact us, and we will walk you through it.  

Hamill Creek Timber Frame Homes Portfolio

Our Hamill Creek team is proud of the hundreds of family homes and commercial structures that we’ve crafted over the past 30 years. Take a look at the variety of styles and finishing touches for inspiration when designing your custom-built residential timber frame home or commercial property

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