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From arts, culture and entertainment to rugged natural surroundings, Michigan has a lot to offer. If you’re researching timber frame homes in Michigan, imagining your dream house, there are important considerations. What is the best location for your needs and preferences? Not all Michigan timber frame home builders are the same. You want an experienced company with the skills and flexibility to work with your designer and/or builder—or help you to design your ideal home.   

As you look at various Michigan timber frame builders, you may see timber frames mentioned alongside post frame homes. Michigan landowners interested in building a home should know the difference between these two construction types, and which one will best suit their needs. 

Why Timber Frame Homes in Michigan Are a Smart Idea

From energy efficiency to design flexibility, there are many reasons to choose a timber frame home

Timber frame home construction benefits include:

  1. Energy-efficient, eco-friendly, cost-effective – Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) and a vented roof system with foam insulation create a comfortable living space with lower energy costs. 
  2. Maximum customization – Timber frame construction allows for a wide variety of floor plans, and strategic window placement maximizes natural light.  
  3. Healthy indoor environment – Combining large timbers and SIPs prevents airflow from the outside to the inside, reducing insects and allergens.
  4. Durability – Using strong timbers and unique mortise and tenon joints create extremely strong structures that have stood the test of time.
  5. Expert craftsmanship – Timber framing is a time-honored art. Experienced Michigan timber frame home builders like Hamill Creek have many years of expertise in creating beautiful, long-lasting timber homes.

Whether you’re looking at affordable timber frame home kits, Michigan-based designers, or aren’t certain quite where to begin in the planning, we can work with you at any stage in the process.

Timber Frame vs. Post Frame Construction

What is the difference between timber frame and post frame homes? Michigan landowners thinking of building a timber home must understand what each type of construction is so they can choose the right type for their needs.

Post Frame (or Post & Beam) construction features timbers with square cuts, connected by steel plates and bolts. Less complicated engineering means it can be built by lower-skilled, less expensive labor. However, moisture may cause the steel parts to become rusted and the wood, over time, to decay. 

Timber Framing uses interlocking mortise and tenon joints, connected with oak pegs. This type of construction is often more attractive and elegant, and it requires highly-skilled labor to design, engineer and fabricate, which adds to the cost. However, this type of timber home is often longer-lasting.

Choose the Perfect Location for Your Michigan Timber Frame Home

The various regions in Michigan include:

Upper Peninsula (Western, Central, Eastern) 

The rugged beauty includes 150+ waterfalls, hidden lakes, and breathtaking views. Sault Ste. Marie, in the Eastern upper peninsula, is Michigan’s oldest city, boasting a rich history.

Northwest/Northeast Lower Peninsula 

Both the northwest and northeast lower peninsula regions blend pristine natural attractions with outdoor adventures and beautiful scenery. There are also historic towns with quaint shops.

West Central and East Central Lower Peninsula

The west central region features vibrant urban areas like Grand Rapids, beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline and charming beach towns. East central offers family-friendly experiences and cultural opportunities in addition to natural beauty.

Southwest/Southeast Lower Peninsula

From amusement parks, beaches and small-town charm to bustling Detroit, rural landscapes and college towns, this region offers many contrasts.   

Hamill Creek is the Best Among Michigan Timber Frame Builders 

Among Michigan timber frame companies, Hamill Creek stands out. Our expert craftsmanship is combined with the latest CNC technology for precision-cut timber and breathtaking design. We have been building customer timber frame homes since 1989. Contact us to get started!

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