North Carolina Timber Frame Builders

North Carolina Timber Frame Builders

Why is North Carolina called the “tar heel state” and what makes it the perfect place for a timber frame home? Historians agree that this curious nickname has something to do with the state’s history as a tar producer (as well as rosin, pitch and turpentine) for naval use. These important products come from North Carolina’s ample pine forests, and it’s no surprise that the pine is the official state tree. It’s found everywhere, from the coastline to the mountains, and the tree’s majestic beauty provides the perfect backdrop for eco-friendly timber frame homes. North Carolina residents who are planning to build a home should consider timber frame construction. Timber frame North Carolina homes are energy-efficient and extremely durable. Those are just two of the many benefits.

Among North Carolina timber frame companies, Hamill Creek stands out due to its decades in the business, cost-effective solutions for any budget, and wide range of building options.

Choose a North Carolina Region for Your Timber Home

There are three regions in North Carolina—the Mountains, Coast and Piedmont.

Whether you prefer the cultural amenities of a big city, pristine mountains or dreamy seashore, this diverse state offers many different environments for your new timber frame North Carolina home.

What Are the Benefits of Timber Frame Construction?

Top benefits of a timber frame home include energy efficiency, eco-friendly construction, a healthy living environment, design flexibility and long-term durability. They’re also cost-effective, with many options for homeowners with different needs and budgets.

Timber Frame Vs. Post and Beam

You may have searched for “post and beam homes – North Carolina,” but you’re not sure how post and beam differs from timber framing. The main difference is in the joinery. Post and beam construction typically relies on metal fasteners, while timber framing uses traditional mortise and tenon joinery created with expertise craftsmanship. This forms a structurally supporting timber frame that’s made entirely of wood, connected with wooden pegs.

Custom Home Builder, North Carolina: Discover the Hamill Creek Difference

Are you looking for a home builder in North Carolina? Hamill Creek has been designing and building beautiful, energy efficient timber frame homes since 1989. We combine time-honored craftsmanship with modern engineering techniques like CNC technology, for a home that perfectly meets your specifications.

You can choose from our various sizes of timber frame house plans, or we can work with you to bring your design ideas to life. You’ll also find a wide selection of timber frame kits. North Carolina residents who already have a designer in mind will enjoy our flexibility. We’ve worked with many outside designers and architects, and we also have in-house designers and engineers that can work directly with you to build your ideal home.

Hamill Creek is the premier North Carolina timber frame builder. Call us to get started!

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