Texas Timber Frame Builders

The Lone Star State is world-renowned for its rugged individualism, so it makes perfect sense that custom timber frame construction would be very popular here. When it comes to the majesty and elegance of timber frame homes, Texas has a lot to offer in ideal natural settings. 

Depending upon the region where you choose to build, you may decide on a rustic mountain style construction or a breathtaking contemporary showcase home. Whatever your style, the experts at Hamill Creek can help you determine the best design and floor plans to meet your needs. For Texas timber frame homes, we can build in a ranch or country style or a contemporary design.

Benefits of Custom Timber Frame Construction

There are many benefits of timber frame homes, and at Hamill Creek, we’ll help you to make the most of what timber framing has to offer. 

There is no need to choose between eco-friendly construction and time-honored beauty when you can have both!

The Beauty of Timber Frame Homes, Texas Style

They say that “everything’s bigger in Texas,” and the state offers wide expanses of canyons, prairie lands, mountains and rivers—all of which are ideal backdrops to your timber home. Our environmentally-friendly custom designs make the most of the natural surroundings for both energy efficiency and breathtaking vistas.

Choose the Location for Your Texas Timber Frame Home

Where do you see your Texas dream home? Each of the state’s seven natural regions has its own unique history, landscape and opportunities to enjoy the good life. 

Big Bend Country

This remote region in West Texas, alongside the Rio Grande River, is home to Big Bend National Park. Dramatic rock formations, large canyons and expansive deserts are joined by abandoned mining camps, old forts and historic towns.  

Gulf Coast

If you build along the 600-mile Gulf Coast, you’ll be protected by barrier islands that reach from South Padre Island to Galveston. This birder haven is close to the bustling metropolis of Houston. 

Hill Country

This region is so-named because of its rolling countryside. Hill Country features many “dude ranches” and wineries. Towns include Sonora, Fredericksburg and San Marcos—and the city of Austin.

Panhandle Plains

In northwestern Texas, Panhandle Plains has Palo Duro Canyon, the nation’s second largest. In the city of Amarillo, farming and ranching are the key industries. Other cities are Abilene and Lubbock.

Piney Woods

Enjoy this idyllic landscape of forests, streams, luxuriant meadows and historic towns. The region boasts four national forests, including Big Thicket National Preserve.

Prairies and Lakes

In addition to Dallas/Fort Worth, for those who enjoy a robust nightlife and world-class culture and cuisine, this area includes small quaint bed and breakfasts plus forests, freshwater lakes—and Dinosaur Valley State Park. 

South Texas Plains

From San Antonio to the Rio Grande River, the South Texas Plains has a lot to offer for history buffs, with The Alamo and Mission Trail in San Antonio. You can choose from desert terrain or rolling hillsides.   

Texas Timber Frame Homes by Hamill Creek

Why partner with Hamill Creek for your timber frame home? It comes down to our expertise and our merging of the latest timber construction technology with time-honored tradition.

For more than 30 years, Hamill Creek has been designing and building timber frame homes. See our cost-saving timber frame home plans, which were developed from our most successful custom designs. Our designers can work with you throughout the building process. If you already know exactly what you want, we can work with your architect and designer to bring your dreams to life.

If you’re interested in learning more about our Texas timber frame homes, give us a call.

Build your dream home in Texas!

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