Here are 7 timber-framed windows to consider for your next build.

7 Timber Framed Window Styles to Consider for Your Build

Hamill Creek   |   May 30, 2024

Whether you are building a new timber frame home or replacing windows in an existing home, you have plenty of options to choose from. Timber-framed windows come in a wide variety of styles appropriate for different aesthetic needs and different practical applications. Using timber for window frames gives you plenty of customization options as well since there are so many different woods to choose from.

Let’s look at some of the specific questions many people have about timber window frame construction and the most common timber frame window styles.

Why Is Timber Framing Best?

Timber-framed windows are obviously the best choice for use in timber frame home plans, but there are other reasons to go with timber besides matching an overall build.

Timber window frame construction offers a more classic appearance than uPVC and aluminum windows. Wood also has better thermal properties than plastic or aluminum, making it more efficient at insulating a building. Wood windows tend to last longer than other window types and are generally more environmentally friendly. You can even recycle wooden windows.

What Kind of Window Frame Is the Best?

The best window frame is one that hits the sweet spot for your needs in multiple areas, including:

  • Aesthetics
  • Thermal properties
  • Environmental impact
  • Durability
  • Cost
  • Availability

What Is the Most Common Timber Used for Framing?

Pine is the most common timber for window frames. Cedar and fir are also quite common. These softwoods are affordable, durable, and easy to work with. They can also look great with the right treatments. Of course, there is nothing that says you need to use pine for your windows if you don’t want to.

7 Timber Framed Window Options

There are numerous timber frame window styles to choose from. Some of the most popular timber window frame construction choices we see include:

Casement Windows

Timber frame casement windows are often used in modern designs because of their practicality and good looks. They are designed to open at one or more hinges and swing away from the building. Opening and closing timber frame casement windows is easy and provides excellent ventilation.

Fixed Timber Windows

Fixed timber framed windows are the simplest type of window because they don’t require any additional timber window frame components like hinges, pullies, or cables. They don’t open, making them a good choice for areas where you don’t need to adjust ventilation or want added security.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are some of the most common types of timber windows. They slide side to side along a track. These windows can range from quite small to extremely large, letting you open up adjust airflow easily, and close tightly when needed for excellent insulating properties.

Double Hung Windows

Double-hung timber frame windows use two moveable sash sets placed within a box frame. Both sashes can be moved, which means you can open up the top window by sliding it down or open up the bottom window by sliding it up.

Sash windows have been used for a very long time, which is why you will see versions of them in old timber homes. The cords used for balancing and lifting the sashes can differ in older windows, but the principle is usually the same in modern sash windows (there are also spiral-hung windows that use springs to lift the sashes in older windows).

Single Hung Windows

A single-hung window operates similarly to a double-hung window, but only one sash moves up and down. These are the most common types of windows found in older timber homes.

Awning Windows

A timber frame window awning is typically arranged in a line side by side with others higher up on a wall to allow airflow while excluding rain. They are hinged at the top so that the bottom can swing out. A timber frame window awning can add elegance and significant ventilation control to a home.

Double Glazed Windows

Like other types of window frames, timber-framed double-glazed windows can be made to accommodate double-glazing. Double glazing is when two panes of glass are installed in a frame with a layer of insulating gas in between. Timber framed double glazed windows are wonderful insulators and ideal when you want to maximize the energy efficiency of your home.
Ensure the ideal quantity of natural light in your living space with the perfect timber framed window. Hamill Creek can assist you in achieving the style you desire. Reach out to our professional team today for expert guidance.

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