How to Maximize Space in a Custom Timber Frame Cabin

Hamill Creek   |   Jan 12, 2024

In a timber frame cabin or any small timber frame house, maximizing space is a big priority. The experience of living in a space can be significantly different depending on how it’s designed. When you can choose how to customize your timber frame cabin, it only makes sense to design for ultimate comfort.

At Hamill Creek, we specialize in small timber frame home plans. Our team has plenty of experience with custom design and we are excited to share our knowledge with other timber frame enthusiasts. Please get in touch if you need help building your timber frame home.

Getting the Most Space Out of Your Small Timber Frame Cabin

In our experience, there are multiple ways you can get more space out of your small cabin. Some methods involve designs that change the perception of space, while others take advantage of innovative cabin storage ideas and other built-in storage options.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways we help our clients maximize space in their small timber frame homes:

High Ceilings

Often, the limitations of small cabins are more about lateral space rather than vertical space. You want or need to have a small footprint on your home. But you typically don’t have as many restrictions on the height of the home. That’s why we encourage high ceilings in small timber homes whenever possible.

Natural Light

Another great way to provide the perception of more space is to add windows. It’s possible to design to include plenty of windows, which increase natural light and let you look beyond the walls of your cabin whenever you want. Maximizing window placement makes the space look larger and the extra natural light is something most people appreciate.

Built-In Storage

There are so many awesome built-in storage solutions these days. The tiny house movement has resulted in numerous creative approaches to built-in storage that can transform a small space into something exceptional. Storage can be made to maneuver in ways that create more space and organize your items most efficiently.

Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans have become the go-to design layout for homes big and small. But with smaller homes, the openness of the floor plan is even more important than with bigger homes. There is limited space to work with and the addition of too many walls to break up the floor plan makes small spaces feel even smaller.

Many small homes opt for fully open floor plans or only a few spaces separated by walls. Some separations are a must, such as for the bathroom. However, bedroom walls can be eliminated in favor of loft sleeping spaces or for sleeping spaces that convert to office spaces or other innovations.

Multi-Functional Furniture

You can find a variety of multi-functional furniture pieces nowadays. The more high-quality of these are as good or nearly as good at multiple functions as single-use pieces that serve similar functions. For example, there are kitchen spaces that can fold up and become desk spaces. Or beds that fold to become couches.

Smart Storage Solutions

Often one of the main worries for people considering a small timber frame house is storage. Where are you going to put all of your stuff? Well, there are limitations to small spaces that cannot be overcome. You won’t be storing your kayak inside like you would if you had a garage. But you can fit a surprising amount of stuff—arguably everything you need for comfort—in a small cabin with smart storage solutions.

Look for storage solutions that let you take advantage of any spaces that are often left empty in home designs. Under the bed, along the ceiling, on doors, and so on.

Maximize Space in Your New Custom Timber Cabin

There are many different ways to get more out of limited space in a timber cabin. If you can design your small cabin from scratch—like you can with us here at Hamill Creek—you really can get the most out of every space in your home. We can show you how to increase space without increasing your footprint and stay comfortable while doing it.To connect with Hamill Creek and get started on your custom timber frame home design, contact us today. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to bring your dream space to life.

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