How to Make a Timber Frame Staircase Design Stunning

Hamill Creek   |   May 30, 2019

It takes a keen eye and a vivid imagination to create a look and feel that speak to your personal aesthetic. While there are countless details to keep in mind when building or updating a home, one of the most impactful parts of an interior is a timber frame staircase. In some instances, it is the centerpiece of one’s living space.

Most of us run up and down stairs daily to without considering their value, especially in a home. Not only do they serve to get people from one place to another, they also offer you the ability to maximize space and get the most out of your real estate property.

Essentially, to overlook a timber frame stair design is to overlook one of the most critical architectural elements in a home.

The Cost

As with most home projects, your budget will determine the scope of your design. On average, a Timber frame staircase start at $5000 and up . One way to maximize your dollar is to invest in a timber frame kit, as it offers high quality and is easier to assemble. The cost to build timber frame staircases and/or railings ranges widely – the more complicated the shape of a staircase, the greater the cost. In some instances, the cost of a timber frame stairs can exceed $10,000.

The Design

For some, a basic L-shape is perfect. However, others may prefer a spiral staircase or something helical. Each shape will have a different effect on the complete feel of the home, so paying particular attention to the design is extremely important.

The simplest way to start designing your staircase is to focus on the timber frame railing. In addition to being a key safety factor, a well-crafted handrail can highlight your overall interior design. Whether you want something simplistic that blends in, or you prefer a timber frame stair railing that is decorative and serves as a prominent accent detail, this particular component will dictate the feel of a completed timber frame staircase.

The classic timber frame stair design includes a wooden Hand rail that holds vertical (wood balusters) or even hand forged balusters spaced 4” apart, and connected to a heavy timber frame stair tread and riser If you are looking for something more sleek and modern, installing glass instead of balusters in is another option. A timber frame railing concept can be adapted in a number of ways to achieve a particular effect on the design and decor of a home.

Another consideration is how the space around your timber frame staircase will be decorated. Do you intend to hang artwork above and below the staircase? Maybe you’re planning to add a one-of-a-kind light fixtures overhead. Another easy way to add pizzazz to your staircase is to place a stunning rug on the landing. Even wallpaper can be enhanced by how a staircase is built. With each of these decorating concepts, each can be further highlighted by a well thought out timber frame stair design.

Don’t forget about the most basic element of the staircase: the stairs themselves. They can also be the focal point. A beautiful stair runner can add distinct flair and interest to a flight. Painting the stairs a different color can provide a striking contrast. Some people prefer a floating staircase. The options are limitless.

If you are wanting to update your staircase and the overall feel of your home interior, Hamill Creek can help you. Timber framing can add a level of simple elegance that truly transforms a nice house into a beautiful home. Contact us today to learn more about your timber frame staircase options.

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