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Steps to Take During a Timber Frame Home Addition

Hamill Creek   |   Aug 16, 2019

There are many reasons to consider a timber frame home addition. For some, they want to add to their existing timber frame home to add more space – a new bedroom, a larger garage, or perhaps an outdoor kitchen. There are considerations to keep in mind when undertaking these builds. Below, we detail a few steps that will make your addition an overall easier and more efficient project.

Establishing Your Team

First, find a designer or architect you trust. Having this individual as an advocate from the beginning is a valuable asset. Be clear with what you want to do to your home when communicating with your design team. They are the experts and will know how to maximize the potential of the timber frame home addition you’ve imagined.

Covering your bases

If you intend to make a substantial change, after having discussed the plans with a designer or architect,  the very next thing you must do is seek out your town’s building department. There are rules and regulations by which to follow, and ignoring or overlooking this initial step can upend all of your plans. A building permit will indicate your plan abides by existing regulations, elevation specifications, and building codes. Once you have accomplished this critical step, moving forward will be much easier.

Following this task, it is important to check to ensure your pipes and ductwork can be easily tied to the original structure. Determining whether or not existing electrical, plumbing and HVAC is able to be connected is key. If it isn’t, taking steps to upgrade is a smart and necessary step. Make sure to research your options and listen to the opinions of your designer or contractor to ensure there won’t be problems down the line.

Timber frame kits can make these projects much less daunting. Communication with your build team, as mentioned previously, will minimize any fears or concerns you may have. Also, when choosing Hamill Creek, another resource at your disposal is the customer service team. These experts are available to answer any questions that arise. They can provide guidance and clarification when necessary.

Cost Considerations

In the event you are considering an addition that is not as great in scope, it is still important to have a firm plan in place with your design team. Make sure to be specific with what you want and consider all the embellishments to maximize the aesthetic. The build should be seamless and enhance the rest of your home. An addition, further, is a more financially feasible consideration to make. Down the line, even smaller timber frame additions can have a dramatic impact on a home’s worth.

In Conclusion

An addition to your existing timber frame home, or even building upon a conventional home, can change the aesthetic of your living space and make it even more personable and specific to you and your family. Hamill Creek would love to help you bring your timber frame addition into reality. Further assistance is always available, and construction teams are at your disposal, should you choose to pursue this equitable option.

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