Owning Your Dream Home: 5 Essential Features for Timber Frame Living

Hamill Creek   |   Sep 12, 2023

Living in a timber frame home is a unique experience that marries elegant beauty with rugged functionality. The exposed wooden beams and open floor plans in timber frame homes create an unforgettable atmosphere and distinguished look. These structures are also durable – it is not unusual for a timber frame home to last well over 100 years. 

If environmentalism is a priority for you, owning a timber frame home is a great way to give back to mother nature. Not only are they made of a renewable resource, but timber frame homes offer excellent insulation that reduces fossil fuel usage. 

No matter what your motivation for owning a timber frame home, you can count on these five essential features for timber frame living.

Timbers & Wooden Joinery

In the most basic sense, all timber frame homes are built with the same materials. They rely on sturdy, large timbers as the structural backbone of the frame. Most traditional timber frame builders still use wooden joinery techniques that were developed hundreds of years ago – such as mortise and tenon. However, modern builders sometimes incorporate metal hardware into contemporary structures as well. 

To create the most beautiful structures possible, timber frame builders use high-quality tree species like Douglas fir, hemlock, spruce, and red cedar. In turn, these stunning timbers are showcased throughout timber frame homes to exude natural beauty. 

Large Open Floorplans

Large open floor plans are another defining characteristic of timber homes. Since they don’t require the use of load-bearing walls, timber frame homes have spacious rooms with unobstructed views of windows that allow the seamless flow of natural light. Even more, these great rooms are the perfect places to create family memories – whether it be enjoying a nice dinner or celebrating the holidays. 

The absence of load-bearing walls in timber frames allows for easy modifications and additions, allowing homeowners to easily personalize their spaces. When combined with large picture windows, you can perfectly match your interior decor with the natural splendor of the surrounding landscape. 


There are several reasons why timber frame building is considered environmentally friendly. Since timber is considered a renewable resource, it is a more sustainable building material than steel or concrete. Even more, responsible builders like Hamill Creek plant new trees for every tree that is harvested for timber framing. 

Timber frame homes are also renowned for their insulation properties. In fact, you can regulate the temperature of your timber frame home with passive heating and cooling techniques that mitigate the consumption of fossil fuels.

Aesthetically Beautiful

Timber frame homes exude a unique aesthetic appeal that sets them apart from more traditional stick-built houses. Whether you build a 100% custom home or follow a timber frame floor plan, the artisanal feel of timber frame structures is undeniable. 

At Hamill Creek, we have built timber frame homes in landscapes as diverse as Hawaii and Wyoming. Each timber frame project is a celebration of the natural world that highlights the finest features of the region within which it is built. 

Strong and Durable

The use of large, high-quality timber beams creates a structural foundation that can withstand the test of time – as well as harsh environmental conditions. Traditional wooden joinery techniques create strong connections that distribute loads evenly throughout the frame. This resilient framework can endure heavy snow loads, strong winds, earthquakes, as well as fire. 

If properly cared for, a timber frame home can last for hundreds of years. Not only is a timber frame home a smart real estate investment, but it can also serve as a foundation for family gatherings and shared memories for generations to come. 

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